Faith Regional Health Services | living WELL | Fall 2019

Find a compatible provider When it comes to selecting a health care provider, you are the decision-maker. It’s important to choose a team of health care professionals who will partner with you to achieve your goals or manage your symptoms. When researching providers, keep the following in mind: Is my provider board-certified? This means the physician has advanced training in this area. What’s my doctor’s philosophy of care, and does it fit with mine? Where does my doctor have privileges? Doctors must apply for privileges to admit and treat patients at a hospital. If you have a preferred hospital, it’s important that the doctor has privileges to practice there. Navigating health care LET’S FACE IT. Being sick can be scary, and navi- gating through health care choices, insurance coverage and next steps can be intimidating and confusing. But when it comes to your health, you can be your best advocate. At Faith Regional Health Services, we encourage you to be an involved, collaborative member of your health care team. After all, who knows you better than you? Make your health a priority A large amount of your health is determined by life- style choices. These choices have a huge impact not only on your physical health but also your mental health. Take some time to reflect on your everyday habits—and read this issue for simple steps you can start taking today that can have a big impact on your health for years to come. ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Resources at Faith Regional Faith Regional is proud to offer many resources for patients to better empower them to become advocates in their health. Here’s a list of services I recommend exploring more: Find a Doctor tool: An online tool at Faith Regional’s website, , that enables you to search for a doctor by specialty, gender, clinic or name. Nurse navigator: Advocates for patients by helping explain complex medical informa- tion and making overwhelming decisions more manageable. Faith Regional has both a breast cancer nurse navigator and an orthopedic nurse navigator. Financial assistance: A financial assistance checklist is located on Faith Regional’s website, and Financial Assistance counselors are available to assist. Faith Regional also provides a free service to help uninsured patients determine their eligibility for public health benefits. Explore your options and ask questions If you have a diagnosis or condition, do you know all your options? Often there is a multitude of choices when it comes to treatment options and where to seek treatment. Costs and health care coverage often play major roles in these decisions as well. Faith Regional has many resources to assist you with these decisions. As you make an informed decision regarding the type of care you receive and who provides that care to you, how you proceed is ultimately your choice. I encour- age you to become informed, ask questions and seek a second referral if needed. FRHS.ORG 3 Kelly Driscoll, RN, MHA, FACHE President and CEO