Faith Regional Health Services | living WELL | Spring 2022

8 FAITH REGIONAL HEALTH SERVICES YOU’VE PROBABLY HEARD or read the statistic by now: About 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. Treatments work best when breast cancer is caught early. That’s why it’s important to get screened regularly for the disease if you’re 45 or older. But it’s equally as important to know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer at any age, since even younger women can—and do—get the disease. Your provider will ask you how long and how often you’ve been experiencing these signs and symptoms. They’ll also examine your breasts. And if necessary, they may take a sample of your blood and order tests like a mammogram, an ultrasound or a breast MRI. You may need a biopsy if results of those tests suggest something suspicious. The thought of having breast cancer can be scary. But try to remember that other conditions can cause changes to your breasts. That’s why it’s always best to see your provider and get a diagnosis. KNOW THE POSSIBLE SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS IS IT BRE