Faith Regional Health Services | living WELL | Spring 2022

14 FAITH REGIONAL HEALTH SERVICES THE FOUNDATION EXISTS to support the hospital and connects the hospital to the community. Anyone can support the hospital foundation by participating in fundraising activities such as auctions, galas, golf tournaments and community-based events. When the community comes together to support the hospital, this is a great opportunity for grateful patients and families to express their gratitude tangibly through giving back. Q What are the goals of the Faith Regional Health Services Foundation? A To support the Mission and Vision of Faith Regional Health Services through the creation of emotional investment and cultivation of financial investment from our community and region. What is the Faith Regional Health Services Foundation? Q How does the Foundation support Faith Regional Health Services? A The Foundation supports the programs and services that directly benefit the patients and their families. The costs of providing exemplary medical services are high. The Foundation raises money through individual gifts and special events. These donations support Faith Regional’s programs and services, provide funding for needed medical equipment and enhance facilities. Q How can I give to the Faith Regional Health Services Foundation? A There are many ways to donate. One-time donations, recurring donations, and gifts in memory of a loved one or as a grateful patient are all welcomed. Donations can be made in person, over the phone or via our website. Planned giving may include retirement assets, life insurance policies, stocks or bonds. Even real estate donations are possible. Q Can a small gift make a difference? A All gifts, small or large, add up to support the hospital and are graciously accepted. These gifts allow the Foundation to support various hospital initiatives and, in turn, help Faith Regional care for our loved ones. Q Is my donation tax-deductible? A The Faith Regional Health Services Foundation is a nonprofit organization, and therefore all donations are taxdeductible as allowed by law. Q How can I learn more? A Visit our website,, or call 402-644-7302.