Faith Regional Health Services | living WELL | Spring 2022

12 FAITH REGIONAL HEALTH SERVICES 4 Sometimes the best solution for a painful joint is surgery. Read about our expert jointreplacement team at steps Orthopedic care where you live If you’re experiencing joint pain or other orthopedic issues, meet with one of our orthopedic specialists at a location near you. FOOT & ANKLE Atkinson: 402-925-2811 Norfolk: 402-844-8366 Wayne: 402-375-7953 HAND, WRIST & ELBOW Norfolk: 402-844-8291 GENERAL ORTHOPEDICS Albion: 402-395-3180 Atkinson: 402-925-2811 Columbus: 402-564-9610 Genoa: 402-993-2283 Lynch: 402-569-2451 Neligh: 402-887-6210 Norfolk: 402-844-8158 to better joint health